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GST Challenge – Other mentions

Unless you attended the GS Eco, you cannot be told how fantastic it was. The venue, the camp-sites, the food, the infrastructure. It was all first class and typical BMW. And for the R800 entry fee, was the bargain of the Century! Riding the planned routes was also a challenge. Not only in the riding of the route, but also in the navigation. The routes were downloaded and shared amongst all the participants with GPEsses. (We learned from the GPS guru Peter only last week that routes are useless and what you need are tracks!)

It was fun to watch as everyone had different ideas as to “where to next” as their GPS was “right”, but all had different directions to offer on the same route! (most had forgotten to swith off the recalculating feature) It didn’t matter though, because if you got lost, you could always find your way back to Clocolan. The riding was however brilliant, no matter which route you chose. We decided that the green routes should be classified as “grorange, and the orange routes were just plain red. The red routes remained a mystery and were filed away as something to attempt at another time when they had been tarred. The routes that we rode were a challege, and making it to the end had wide-eye moments with adrenalin being supplied to your body as if it was on a drip! We were invincible!

Compared to the guys who competed in the skills challenge in the afternoons, we weren’t invincible, we were just plain terrible! These guys put on a show that had the spectators in the stands on the edge of their seats. An awe inspiring performance from all of them had everyone cheering and willing them to the end, with our own John Brisco keeping the commentry flowing.

Three days of fun, new friends and 2 extra kilos after all the great boerekos, it was time to pack up and leave. We watched the Bryce Lawrence show on the TVs provided and left for home. Six of us decided to take the scenic route going home, this time going the long way ’round. Zastron, Berkly East, Lady Grey, Elliott, Kokstad and home –  1000 kays in one day! What a weekend