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Upgrading your Club to the 21st Century

Today our club has acquired its own Top-of-the-Range, State-of-the-Art, laptop computer which has being loaded with all information and programs from my files. We will be using this computer for compiling all Ride Reports, Newsletters and Flyers that were previously done on my personal PC.  Nothing will change other than my email address. “Birdman” is basically my business email address that has become unwieldy trying to sort out club from office! This move makes it easy! My PC too can now be freed up for my own “stuff”.

All banking, invoicing and accounting will be done from this computer, so we will have a current and up-to-date financial status at all times. In other words, the clubs entire history from today will be available for any interested parties to view. This investment will pay dividends in the long term as we will have an electronic record of all our club activities without having to wade through boxes of files which is what we have had up to now.

The decision to purchase this computer was made at our recent committee meeting, and was, I believe, inspirational! So from now on, you will receive all your club related emails from HERE!

The cost of the ACER ASPIRE 5820T laptop is just over R14K which includes a stand-alone LED screen, wireless keyboard and mouse. It is loaded with Windows 7 Professional, MS Office, Word etc,  including Outlook (which costs a bomb) as well as Art Explosion Publisher Pro and Serif PagePlus X5. It was supplied by Andy Soloman of Solo Computers who is well known by many of the club’s members as one of the best “computer guys” in Durban. Many may think that we’ve paid “too much”, but the service and backup that Andy provides will be worth the “extra” money.

With some help, we will be able to upload and download Garmap routes & tracks and make up a library of these for all to share. We too will be able to keep all our current contacts at the various breakfast venues. You can obviously see the potential of this for yourself.

This serious piece of computer kit has been insured by Trevor & Jane Donald of Donald’s Insurance Brokers for the club, so we know that our club’s investment is secure.